Mariam + Imad

This is what happens when Imad -of both Eritrean and Yemeni decent- and Mariam who is of Sudani decent, both raised upView full post »

Oriana + Kareem

Aaaaaaand I am back to blogging a new post after four months of ¬†being crushed in the summer season of ¬†weddings thatView full post »

Fayrouz + Amr Photo Shoot.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I mean the Nile Korniche and the Azhar Park. But no, not like “that&#View full post »

Nada + Nour

I’ve known Nour the groom 8 years ago when I first attended the Faculty of Dentistry before leaving it 2 years agoView full post »

Yasmine + Ali

Yasmine & Ali are the fourth couple in a row to come from the same group of friends that I shot before. It’sView full post »

Reem + Ibraheem E-session

Downtown Cairo, still as hard as ever to shoot in public there, even If it’s 7:00 AM! You get all sort of commentsView full post »

Salma + Mohammed

A reservation 2 months before the wedding. A meeting 5 days before the big day due to their flight circumstances comingView full post »